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Stock Number: 8SVAL-1
Black - Pink - White circle diamond pendant. Includes all 3 sizes. Stackable - wear singly or mix & match. Sterling Silver. Genuine diamonds - treated color. 18" Rolo Sterling necklace with lobster claw clap included (16"+2" extender)
* Single Row diamond connector included

Price: $1,821
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Black - Pink - White - Large, Medium & Small (including 18" Rolo Chain with lobster claw & single row diamond connector) approx. .72 ct total diamond weight $1,821
Most sizing done at no charge.
GIA is the industry standard throughout the world for grading accuracy. They are an education lab, with no interest on where, or even if you purchase a diamond. This is the best assurance of accuracy that exists. A diamond with a GIA grading report, or GIA certified diamond, is the highest standard.
EGL's grading system looks similar to that of GIA's, but is actually quite different. A good guideline is to subtract one clarity grade and three to four color grades from the EGL grade to get the true GIA grade. For example, we would expect an EGL VS-2 H to grade SI-1 K/L if sent to GIA. Nothing wrong with buying an EGL stone, as long as you understand this and pay accordingly.
Lab Grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds sharing the same physical, chemical and optical properties as their mined counterparts. The only difference is the origin. They are grown in a lab. All are IGI certified, and laser inscribed with certificate numbers. Read More